“Torture, noun. Being unable to read the tempting brand new book (MONEY’S MEN) sitting on my nightstand because Robert Peate told me not to and I promised I wouldn’t because, well, hey, he is the author. I am waiting to read SISYPHUS SHRUGGED first. I am honorable and keep my word.  I hate that about me sometimes.”

—Donna Landers-George

“[15 U. S. Code] Section 2 is what it is really all about.  Corporate America’s wet dream of no regulation and an unregulated free market.  If you want to see what that would be like, read Money’s Men.”

—David Moyer

” . . . My hands and mind were shaking, as well as tears streaming down my face,
as I read that church scene.

“As for the church scene in Money’s Men, now that was something else entirely.  The rage I felt reading that short passage turned almost instantly into tears of rage—and of great despair. Your words spoke the truth of what he [Trump] and his ilk truly worship. They pay plenty of lip service, but their actions betray their hypocrisy. In so few words you said so much.  It’s hauntingly accurate for a work of fiction, Robert.

“Time. Ours versus theirs. Ours is to be spent toiling away at menial tasks while the so-called ‘men of the mind’ have better things to do. Pfft. How many great minds have been lost because moneyed men and women have lost sight of our common humanity? I’ve contemplated this question many times.”

—Denise Johnson

“Glad you’re getting more notice but sad it’s because what you warn about in your books is coming true.”

—Larry Parrish

“You’ve got the prequel.  Secession and reunification happen in I and You.
One day we’ll be remembered as prophets.”

—Beverly Garside, author of Randian dystopia I and You

“How does one handle this? Release the novel fast so you appear prophetic? Or tinker with it, lace it with references to the current situation?  What a conundrum!”

—Christopher Thomas Schmitz of the Onion regarding my novel’s horrific timing

“So good. I can’t wait to read this . . . just like Harper Lee.
This is an exciting week in literature.”

—Dana Ross, on the July 15, 2015, release of Money’s Men Chapter 1 the same week as the release of Go Set a Watchman