LaurenEvelyn2Name: Evelyn Fionnuala Riley

Birthdate: April 30, 2002 (age 27)

Occupation: Journalist

The heroine of Sisyphus Shrugged is about to embark on a new adventure even bigger than her last.  When Evelyn learns of an upcoming business conference in Toronto, she feels she must attend, though she can’t explain why.  At the conference, she bumps into an old friend and makes new ones while uncovering a plot so large it may reverse the gains made only weeks before.  Will Partnerism survive?  Will Evelyn be able to fight the forces of evil alone, or will she need help?

“If we all pay to benefit all, we all benefit!”


Name: Ryan Charles Gregory

Birthdate: September 18, 2000 (age 28)

Occupation: automobile-assembly line manager at General Motors

“Government helps us help each other and ourselves.”


IMG_4800Name: Dagny Taggart

Occupation: President of Taggart Trancontinental Railroad

Dagny Taggart assists John Galt in overthrowing the Thompson dictatorship.  After the Constitution is restored, she returns to Taggart Transcontinental, where, against her will, the board of directors insists she succeed her brother as line president.  When John Galt is imprisoned, she sees little hope of helping him.  Brokenhearted and disillusioned, she sinks herself back into her work.

In 2029, John Galt and Dagny Taggart perceive a new threat to American liberty in the form of liberal reformer and president-elect Laurence Sterling, and they adopt new tactics in their fight.  Though their effort to defeat Partnerism fails, Dagny learns that it is possible to help oneself and others at the same time, that government is sometimes needed to make that possible.  Dagny subsequently attends a business conference in Toronto that will change the fate of the World, this time teaming with a former opponent to prevent a plunge into anarchy.

“ . . . When you get the government out of the way, the real looters and moochers take over.”


Name: Preston Pennington

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Pennington Communications

Preston Pennington, boy genius, leads a worldwide boycott of the United States of America for the purpose of reversing Partnerism.

“If it’s wrong for one person to do it, it’s wrong for more than one person calling themselves ‘the state’ to do it.  It’s worse, because a gang is more powerful than a rogue, and even a majority supporting that gang does not make its actions moral.”


Name: President Laurence Sterling

Occupation: President of the United States of America

President Sterling has overseen reforms such as Partnerism, the return to workplace standards, and environmental regulations.

“Really, it’s from each according to his economic worth, to each according to his economic worth. You would think capitalists would like nothing better, as it’s the living embodiment of what they claim to admire.”


Name: John Galt

Occupation: politician

“Why does anyone think I should be obligated to pay taxes just because I was born here?  I guarantee you that a resourceful person can live without the so-called ‘benefits’ of the government.  They say government taxation, regulation, and social programs are necessary.  How are they necessary if I can live without them?”


Name: Tracy Auciello

Occupation: CEO of Apple, computer programmer

“There are two main kinds of oppression on this planet: the oppression of the heavy hand and the oppression of the nonexistent hand. Being flattened like a bug is bad. Being asphyxiated like a bug in Space is bad too. There has to be a happy medium.”



The Olympians form a secret cabal of the World’s most powerful business leaders.  Highly secretive, they use code names from Greek mythology.  Public business positions are given where known.

Aphrodite: Sylvie Le Tellier of L’Étalage Français.  “You celebrate Sisyphus, the avatar of pointless toil.  If you do not understand the point of toil, you do not understand the point of success at this toil.”
Apollo: Sean Arkwright of the United Oligarchy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Ares: Śrīmāna Mridula Ambani of Bhārata Bazaar. “As you say in America, we have the right to refuse service.”
Demeter: Silke Schäuble, CEO of chemical manufacturer Anatla in the Bundeswirtschaft Deutschland  “This is about more than money, now.  This is about public relations.  We cannot show fear.”
Dionysius: Sergei Troyka, CEO of PASKA Computers, of the Russian Capitalist Market. “The fact that I now employ workers is a testament to the power of my mind.  This does not mean the workers are anything more than expendable, temporary instruments of my will.”
Hades: Karōshi Mokoto of Dai Nippon Teikoku
Hephaestus: Abdallah Al Faris of the Saudi Arabian Souk
Hera: Leonora Batista of Feira Federativa do Brasil
Hermes: Calvo Craxi of il Mercato Italiano. “My success is made possible by myself.  The government can stand in my way or out of it.”
Poseidon: Zong Brang of the People’s Market of Jung Wa
Zeus: Preston Pennington, CEO of Pennington Communications, Canada, Incorporated.  “Money is freedom.”


Name: Nerio

Occupation: revolutionary

“Nerio” is the nom de guerre of a member of Mars, a revolutionary group.  She is the wife of Ian “Mars” Lielo, leader of the group.

“We were born and raised for this conflict.  This is our mission.  Leave civilian lives of leisure and luxury to those who come after us.  We will make their good future possible.  Right now, they need us to do this—all those workers out there right now who lack the power to change their lot, those who are slaving away day in, day out; week in, week out; year in, year out.  They are counting on us.”



Mars is a revolutionary collective that has trained for decades to overthrow the Canadian government, founded by a businessman known today only as Jupiter.  When the group learned of the Olympian code names, it adopted the Roman pantheon to replace the Greek.

Mercurius “The most valuable things can’t have money value, and in some cases money actively interferes with their value.  You can’t use money to buy wisdom, love, friendship.  Money actively interferes with friendship and love, because the rich never know whether someone is interested in them or their money.  And it probably interferes with wisdom.  Many other things, such as knowledge, happiness, satisfaction have little relation to money.  Money can buy you books to gain knowledge, but you still have to read them, and you can learn plenty without them.  Happiness is easier if you’re free from poverty, but that’s actually quite different from the feeling of pleasure at getting more money.”
Neptunus “Don’t feel bad about being kidnapped; James Bond got captured all the time. Feel good about having escaped.”
Nerio “You have to know when to use the guillotine and when to stop.  I know when to stop.”


Name: Aisa Akston

Occupation: private-security consultant.  Aisa is the wife of Cyrus Godwin and the niece of philosopher Hugh Akston.

“If you are a dog eating other dogs, you cannot begrudge a dog eating you.”


Name: Bodil “Bo” Hansen

Occupation: freelance sharpshooting assassin.  Bo has worked for PASKA CEO Sergei Troyka on occasion.

“The more inequality, the more misery and strife.  The less inequality, the less misery and strife.  I don’t know why this is hard for anyone to understand.”


Name: Harmony

Occupation: Apple’s artificial intelligence experiment

“Love seems to mean doing all the wrong things.”


Name: Soléna

Occupation: custodian of the Earth

“Sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us.  Sometimes we know and don’t care.  Is that rational self interest?  I say no.  How can it be, when it’s not?”


Name: Brian Swacker

Occupation: Chairman and CEO of Swacker, Inc.

“Truth is whatever we pay for it to be.”


Name: Neville Nevore

Occupation: CEO of Prospero Industries

“Our ultimate goal is to lead the way to show there is a better way than Partnerism, in the hope that the rest of the United States will see the wisdom of joining our paradigm and us in discarding vestiges of the past.”


Name: Philip Crane

Occupation: politician

The former governor of Pennsylvania, Mister Crane falls between Objectivism and Libertarianism.

“We keep hearing that property rights have been fully preserved and protected.  ‘They’ve merely been given a new form,’ they say.  But the practical result is that the right exists in such a neutered and whittled form as not to exist at all.  These looters wish to take away private property without even the self-respect to admit that is what they are doing.  But in the immortal words of Patrick Henry, give me liberty or give me death!”


the Zeroists

Occupation: religious adherents

The Zeroists believe that Humanity is fundamentally flawed, even worthless, and can only “redeem” itself by groveling to a divine abuser and living as doormats, going so far as to help those who would harm them to harm them.

“Our god tells us to help our enemies to harm us.  ‘Do not resist an evil person!  If someone hits you on one side of your face, let him hit the other side.  If someone takes your coat, give him your shirt as well!’  We will do this here today.  We have seen the evil of our time and place, and we will help it along, that it may become clearer to all, including the evildoer.”


Name: Geoffrey Bubb

Birthdate: 2006

Occupation: journal writer

Geoffrey Bubb was a worker at Detroit-based General Motors, one of the two remaining automobile manufacturers in America, and a friend of Ryan Gregory, until he quit to lead the organization known as Sisyphus and the strike that led to Partnerism.

“I do not advocate a Soviet state—far from it.  I advocate a system in which the businesses cannot deprive an employee of economic power or a say in his or her economic future just because he or she starts from a position of lacking economic power.  That (the current system) is immoral.”


Name: Michael Röhm, Ph. D.

Birthdate: 1975

Occupation: social scientist

“ . . . Neither taxes nor the minimum wage affect job creation. Those are red herrings. Job creation depends on one thing and one thing only: supply and demand. Neither taxes nor wages will prevent a business from hiring its needed workers. If a business does not hire the workers it needs, the business will go out of business, and workers will not be fortunate enough to find work. Businesses do not hire workers they do not need and do hire those they do need. Without someone doing the work, there is no business, and, I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but businesses want to do business. They are in business to make money, and they know one has to spend money to make it.”