In Sisyphus Shrugged, America changed for the better due to the liberal reform known as Partnerism.  But the rest of the World’s economic interests are not going to take this change lying down.  Led by the richest and most charismatic businessman on Earth, the World’s business leaders are going to make life Hell for America by squeezing it with an economic boycott: no trade in or out.  If the rest of the World refused to trade with America, could and would it survive?

Evelyn Gregory gets wind of the plot and, with Taggart Transcontinental President Dagny Taggart, works to stop it before it starts.  If she fails, what can be done?  One cannot fight an economic war with soldiers.  President Laurence Sterling has limited means at his disposal to reverse the effects of the boycott, since businesses reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Find out what happens when America faces its biggest crisis yet.  Will the free market or Partnerism win?